Johnny Football Hero

I don't know if this is an EP or a full-length or maybe like a "mini album," but I'm not going to try to sort that out now. Because it's mostly not that interesting.

I'm just posting this to stan for (please remind me to change that to something else when I get a minute. I really hate using "stan for" as a phrase) the first two songs on this thing. "Cap'n Oblivious (Deficit)" and "41". Boy this paragraph has been a punctuation nightmare, I'm going to go ahead and start a new paragraph.

Anyway as you can fucking obviously tell by the band's name, Jonny Football Hero is an emo band. Or rather somewhere on the emo-hardcore-power-pop spectrum. I don't know. And most of this little album see that descriptor through. But those first two tracks, they rip. Like balls to the wall, no expense spared, conga drum breaks and blazing guitar solos, throat destroying prog-core. Prog-core? Sure. Anyway, those first two track seriously rule and then the rest of the record is mostly whatever. Anyway.

Leo's LatticiniQueens
Italian hoagie

If I posted about Leo's Latticini before, I was wrong. Last time around, whatever sandwich I had struck me as very average. This time I was totally wowed. Truly one of the best sandwiches around.

Two Wheels Manhattan
Pho, chicken wings

Totally decent pho. Some of the best wings I've had in New York.