Nicolas Jaar

Cenizas is one of the most perfect walking-around-late-at-night-with-headphones albums I've heard in a long, long time. Probably since the last Nicolas Jaar album.

Nicolas Jaar

Sirens fools you on first listen listen, as the opening track plays out like a beautifully sublime electro-acoustic Tabula Rasa, meshing field recordings and patient, ambient crescendos into glittery synth peaks. And your'e like, "Fuck yeah, this is going to be amazing." And then track 2 is, like, experimental remixed 80s highway blues rock? Like getting smacked out of a trance. And then it never quite gets back to that initial slow burn. And you're bummed and forget about it. But then you find yourself camping in a northern California river valley, miles away from anyone, on crisp October night lying on your back with the Milky Way above your head, and you give Sirens another try, and it all makes sense. Yeah, there's some weird 80s blues rock, and then there's some Latin pop, and some sort of Chris Isaac thing. But all these genre experiments are folded and inverted and osmosized through some biorobotic fugue, like waking up at 3am to the sounds of a half tuned adult contemporary radio station and not fully comprehending if you're asleep or dreaming, this depressingly rare case of an electronic artist completely transcending electronic music and simply just making music, and it's perfect.

05.20.2020 - by Steve
Randazzo PizzaBrooklyn
Chorizo jalapeno pizza

It's possible you've read my precedent on this website that all New York pizza is equally good. More or less, exceptions to the rule, all that. As such, I'm not going around posting about all the pizza I eat on here, just trust me that it's generally good.

Randazzo is one of those good places, a regular ol slice joint within walking distance of my place. But the other day they had a new slice on offer: jalapeno, onion, and chorizo. I wasn't necessarily in the mood for this combination, but it looked fresh out of the oven and I was curious. My friends, am I ever glad I did, because this slice was good enough to break my rule and post about a slice of pizza. It's extremely probable that chorizo and jalapeno and onion slices can be found at random slice joints all over town, but on this one afternoon, for one sweet moment, during the global confusion of a mass viral pandemic, Randazzo PIzza was the best pizza place in town.

05.13.2020 - by Steve
Nasi lemak, roti canai, rendang

I don't eat Malaysian food very often, but whenever I do I usually end up deciding it's my favorite of all the foods.

05.09.2020 - by Steve
Tarim Uyghur CuisineQueens
Lamb kabob, noodles

Queens is the kind of place where you can get Uyghur food in a mall food court and that's just totally normal. And that Uyghur food involves a lamb kabob served to you on a sword.